Voyager #1

More than a century ago, mans home planet earth entered into a civil war. The third world war! Nations rose against nations until the only end in sight was the total annihilation of the human race. At the climax of this war, a missile carrying a rare warhead of astantine compound was fired into space, intent to extinguish the most powerful source of life in the solar system; the sun. The sun began to die gradually emitting deadly waves of solar flares that decimated planetary bodies. Man had to stop the war. There was a greater concern; will the human race survive? The big corporations on earth came together and formed a united conglomerate. They had profited greatly from the war. It was they alone who had the resources to find a solution to the impending annihilation. A new home The united conglomerates built ships to transport the hundreds of millions of mankind left to the edge of the galaxy, to the red sun; trappist-1. Trappist-1 had 7 earth size exo-planets capable of supporting life. It was some 40 light years from earth. The voyage to find a new home was just before the 7th wave of solar flares came and annihilated everything in the solar system mankind wouldnt have survived the magnitude of chaos left in its wake.


Voyager #1


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Created By

Ayodele Elegba

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Collins Momodu, Tuyi Ebhota, Osas Asemota, Newman Nwankwo, Jonathan Sanni & Bode Joseph

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Spoof Comics

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1st September 2017

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1st September 2017


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